Let’s Get Growing a School Garden

2021 Project Application

Applications are now closed. Applicants will be notified on May 15, 2021

    It is proven that when paired with a school garden program, students are more likely to prefer and consume more fruits and vegetables. Four school and three early childhood education centers will be accepted into this project as part of a federal grant project obtained through the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. This exciting opportunity presented by Oklahoma Farm to School will promote healthier eating through experiential learning by providing the supplies and tools needed to build and maintain a learning garden. In addition, this project will fund an instructor for a two-year period. This project is supported with resources from Ag in the Classroom, Farm to School, Jr. Master Gardener, as well as knowledgeable teachers and garden educators that will be able to help students gain a better understanding of not only where their food comes from but, also how to make healthier food choices.


        Application opens – January 11, 2021

        Application Deadline – March 1, 2021

        Review Period – March 1-May 1, 2021

        Notification to all applicants – May 15, 2021


        1. Garden must be an edible educational garden (growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.).
        2. Garden must be on campus of school or organization
        3. Garden must be accessible to all students.
        4. Applicant must be one of the following:
        5. 一个非营利性的 12年义务教育学校 (public, private or charter, elementary, middle or high)
        6. An Early Childhood Education Center (daycares, pre-schools, public or private)
        7. Organization must regularly engage at least 10-20 children in any grade range of K-12 at the garden.

          Needed to Apply

          1. Completed application
          2. Signed Letter of Support from administration such as principal or executive director.
          3. Photos of area where garden will be placed or explanation of plan to obtain space.
            Give us your available square footage, 水的访问, space for learning and area where your space is located.

          Application Process and Notification

          Applications are now closed.


          Supply List for sites receiving this project

           The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry is the state’s core partner for the National Farm to School Program. School gardens are on the pillars of this program and as such, are a priority for Oklahoma’s Farm to School program to promote. School gardens provide the opportunity for children to consume more fruits and vegetables, but more importantly, to learn about how to grow, harvest and prepare them. In addition to growing food that can be used in cafeterias, demonstrations and special events, participating in a school garden has the potential to inspire children to encourage their parents and guardians to purchase more fruits and vegetables when grocery shopping.

          In an effort to make this project as accessible as possible for schools and ECE’s, ODAFF will provide the following for each grant award recipient: 

          • Stipend for a school garden coordinator $2000 per year for two years.
          • Resources from Farm to School and Ag in the Classroom
          • School Garden Curriculum from the Jr. Master Gardener program
          • Signage for garden beds
          • 学校 will receive materials for 4 raised garden beds. Each bed will be 4 x 4
          • ECE Sites will receive materials for 3 raised garden beds. Each bed will be 4 x 4
            (Each bed is 12 inches tall and the wood is 1.5英寸厚. The precut beds comes with pre-cut weed barrier. 不需要工具.)

          Garden supplies:

          • 土壤
          • 肥料
          • 2水软管
          • 2 Watering wands
          • 3手黑桃
          • 2铲子
          • 2 Pruning shears
          • Harvesting buckets
          • 1手推车
          • Instructor/student supplies:
          • 1 Handwashing station
          • Children’s garden gloves – Set of 30
          • Adult garden gloves – Set of 15
          • Various plants and seeds- Each bed can hold up to 32 plants. Plants each site will receive will be edible plants that can and will be harvested to be used in the school’s cafeteria, classroom taste tests or other events involving food from the garden.